Owner Paul Epstein chimes in with a few thoughts on what it means to run the Boston Marathon.  Paul coaches the popular Marathon Training Program at Running Wild and has run over 45 marathons including 7 Boston Marathons.

Beantown, Bahston, tea parties, midnight rides, even massacres.  Everyone knows where Boston, Massachusetts is even if they’ve never been there.  And, upon hearing the name, Boston, even school age youngsters have an immediate translation:”Yeah, that’s where a bunch of people threw tea into the harbor…or How about the Red Sox this year?”  But for those of us who call ourselves runners, the name Boston has only one meaning:  A MARATHON!

Get a group of us (you know, runners) together and we talk about things like black toe nails and chafing in unseen places, and other mostly gross things, but often someone will bring up the “B” word.










For those who have run Boston they immediately think of things like: lying in a field for hours with 25,000 other runners in a small Massachusetts town, or the Wellesley scream tunnel at mile 13, or whose cruel idea was it to start all the uphills at mile 19.  For those who have not run Boston, they may be thinking of their next marathon in order to qualify so that they can run Boston, and without a doubt, the Boston marathon mystique is in the air.

And so as I think back to the slowest marathon that I’ve ever suffered through (Boston 2006) and one of the most rewarding I’ve ever run (Boston 2008) I ponder why I keep going back.


Boston circa 2008










After 7 Boston Marathons I still haven’t had my fill.  As a marathon runner there is something special about standing in Hopkinton on the third Monday of April toeing the line of the Boston Marathon.  It’s not necessarily the fastest marathon, nor is it the largest, yet because of its rich history and qualification process it is the most esteemed in the world of running.  I would say that if you’ve never considered running in the Boston Marathon, consider it.  Not because of its rich history or because of the rock star status you’ll enjoy from all the spectators on the course, but because the Boston Marathon is the ultimate celebration of this great sport of running that we all participate in.


Team Running Wild hanging in the field pre race













If you’ve considered running a marathon, check out Marathon Training 2013, starting July 15. The training is perfect for first timers just wanting to cross the finish line AND those wanting to try qualifying for Boston. For more info on the Boston Marathon and qualifying info check out www.baa.org Good luck to our local athletes running the Boston Marathon this Monday, April 15!