Christin is a native Floridian and mother to an 18 year old daughter.  She has a BA and MBA from the University of West Florida in Pensacola and is a Senior Loan Review Officer with Synovus Financial Corp.  In her spare time she enjoys running, church, hiking, camping and travel.   Christin is currently in the process of relocating to the Atlanta, GA area.

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Why did you sign up for the My First 5k program?

My lifestyle was very stressful and I had slowly become sedentary and overweight. I had an athletic background, but had allowed life responsibilities to crowd out my commitment to health.  A coworker mentioned the “My First 5k” program to me and we decided we wanted to check it out.  I was at the store being fitted for shoes on the next Saturday!

What stands out in your mind about your experience in the 5k class and what was your biggest fear?

Mostly I remember how intimidated I was showing up on the first night.  I had zero running experience in my background, was overweight, and had no clue what I was doing.  I found that the training class was very diverse in age and athletic ability and the coaches and participants were very friendly and encouraging.  I immediately felt at ease and learned all the things I needed to know.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself as you were starting the 5k class? 

Fake it till you make it!  I felt like a faux runner for the longest time and was hung up on how slow I was and how much I didn’t know.  It doesn’t matter! Just show up to every training run and clinic, follow your schedule, and listen to your coaches.  If you do exactly what they tell you, you will safely and successfully run your 5k at the end of the program. You will amaze yourself!

What was the hardest thing about training with the 5k class?

The first 4 weeks were especially tough.   I was tired and sore.  I hated every minute of every run and contemplated quitting almost daily.   Pushing past the mental frustration and the urge to quit was the hardest thing for me.  Now I am so glad I did!  I would have missed so much!

Why did you decide to continue training with Running Wild? 

I made running friends in the 5k class and began feeling truly committed to them and to our runs.  The camaraderie and accountability became a huge part of my inspiration, so I decided to keep training with the group.  I also began to see small successes and I knew the training was working.

How did you decide on your “road map” for increasing your training?

I was hooked after my first 5k race!  However, my road map has not been a straight line.  I tried to pace myself while still taking on new challenges and juggling life.  I did the 5k training a total of 3 times before I felt ready to move on!   I later completed both the 10K and 15K programs after I gained some experience and felt more comfortable in my running ability.  The Half Marathon training seemed especially daunting, but I finally took that on this year and completed it.  I have genuinely surprised myself every time I crossed the finish line!  If I can do this, anyone can!

You just completed the Half Marathon Training Program, congrats! How did that feel to cross the finish line? 

It felt amazing to not only finish, but to feel like I was prepared both mentally and physically for the race.  While I did put in the work, my results clearly show the quality of the training programs at Running Wild.   I have come a long way since that very first 5K class almost 3 years ago.  I love running, the people I have met continue to inspire me, and I look forward to working on my next big goal… completing my first marathon!