IMG-3435 Macy Williams is from Farmington, MO, a small town an hour south of St. Louis. She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas for undergraduate and graduate school. While in undergrad school she was a member of the UNLV Rebel Girl dance team. Macy looked forward to the team’s daily runs at practice. During graduate school Macy started to take running more seriously and ran her first race, a marathon and would complete her second marathon later that year. After graduating with her master’s degree in sports administration Macy took a job at a Division II conference in Russellville, AR, a town with barely any sidewalks that would require Macy to do a lot of early mornings runs on the roads while training for marathon #3. Eventually, her alma mater would be calling for her to return to Las Vegas to rejoin the UNLV Athletic Department for two more years until leaving college athletics and joining a private equity firm in Chicago, IL.
While in Chicago, Macy decided to join the Evanston Running Club (ERC) to meet new people and to see what it was like running with a group. Through ERC she met a group of runners, and they formed the Running Posse a group of runners with all types of abilities who ran together five days a week and trained on an indoor track during the winter months. While in Chicago Macy ran marathon #4 and trained for her first Ultra, a 50K. Unfortunately, she was unable to run the race due to a stress fracture in her pelvis that eventually went all the way through the bone. (If you ever run or bike with Macy ask her about this injury, she has a crazy high pain tolerance!)
After two years in Chicago, IL Macy moved to Pensacola, FL. She currently works for Catalyst HRE, a healthcare real estate firm located in downtown Pensacola. One thing that attracted Macy to her current company is its culture and people – they have runners, cyclists, triathletes and multiple Ironman on staff.
Macy is a very active endurance athlete – during the week you can find her running 6@6 and getting in lots of miles on her bike. During the weekends she is either helping someone with a long run or long bike ride (she loves helping others accomplish their goals), doing the Ride More Bicycles shop ride, or racing her bike for Ride More Bicycles. Be sure to wave to Macy when you see her out on the roads – she is the energetic redhead!

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Read all about Macy’s journey with Running & Cycling


Why did you start running?

“My first running memory is of my brother and me running with my mom as a kid. My mom would have us kick a soccer ball around the neighborhood, so we wouldn’t get bored and run longer and longer with her each time. My love for running started young and increased when I went to college. I started running to help stay in shape and quickly learned it helped me decompress. Late at night I was often found on campus during short intervals or running the arena’s stairs.”


How has Running Wild helped you reach your goals?

“As an endurance athlete, I have lots of small and big goals for all my activities (running, cycling, and triathlon). I have found that Running Wild is always supporting me in all of them. When it comes to running Paul and Cherie, have pushed me outside my comfort zone and showed me how to push myself to be a better runner.”

What was your favorite thing about training with Running Wild?

“The people – the group, has a wide variety of runners and I enjoy getting to know all of them. It is great to see a group of people with a wide range of skills all support each other.”


What is your greatest (most favorite) athletic/running accomplishment to date and why?

“I can’t just pick one, so I have three!”

1. In 2017 I completed Ironman Texas in 11:32:19 placing 10th in my age group. I enjoyed training for the Ironman and testing my mental and physical limits. Additionally, race day itself was so enjoyable I couldn’t stop smiling. My three girlfriends surprised me and made the day extra special.
2. In 2012 I decided to go back to Missouri and run the St. Louis RNR Marathon. I convinced my mom to run the half marathon. We had so much fun during race weekend attending the expo, going to dinner, and talking about the race afterward. It will be a marathon weekend I will never forget.
3. The 2016 Subway Pensacola Cycling Classic – This was my first bike race EVER. I had been riding bikes for six years and enjoyed it leisurely. Since moving to Pensacola, the guys at Ride More Bicycles coached me up to race my first race, and I haven’t looked back since.

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TOP 5 Products from Running Wild to help you achieve success?

1) Running Shoes! I am a firm believer in having multiple pairs of shoes and switching it up. My favorites right now are Brooks Glycerin and Brooks Launch.
2) TriggerPoint Products! Roll, Roll, Roll! I have almost all of the products and they are key to helping me stay injury free and recover faster from all my workouts.
3)  Endurolytes – WOW – I had no idea how badly I needed them. Cherie gave me some during a long run recently, and it was a game changer for this Florida weather! Go get some if you don’t have any!
4) Socks. I am very picky about what is on my feet! I have found that I like feetures! I have no blisters, and my feet are happy after a long run!
5) Amphipod handheld water bottle. I love this thing – it is so easy to run with!


What is your next athletic goal and how do you plan to reach it?

Cycling – I am getting ready to compete on my bike in the upcoming road races throughout the SouthEast.

Running – I am coming back from plantar fasciitis and will be increasing my miles over the next couple of months. I would like to pick a fall or winter marathon to train for – any suggestions?

Triathlon – I will do some local triathlon’s that fit in with the rest of my busy racing schedule in 2018. I am thinking of signing up with an Ironman in 2019 either Chattanooga or Louisville.”

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We admire Macy’s passion for running, cycling and triathlons! This cheetah can’t be stopped- roarrr!