There are many goals that individuals set in the endurance community….from completing a 5k to qualifying and competing  for the World Championships at IronMan distance and Ultra races.  These goals are each very personal but shared within the community by others.  One such goal for many marathon runners, other than qualifying for the Boston Marathon, is being part of the few that can run a marathon in under 3 hours.   Our April athlete of the month, Adam Principe, has done just that at the Albany Marathon in Georgia this past season.

adam and rusty

Adam is a busy guy and between work and family, he manages his time with the help of running.  It is crazy how the busier you are with life, the more running and setting goals helps with time management.  He grew up playing soccer and when he got to high school, the varsity coach encouraged his team to run cross country to stay in shape during the off season, but it was there that Adam learned he loved it and had some natural ability.  Now he runs to stay in shape, relieve stress, and to spend time with his fellow running brothers.   He enjoys training much more than racing, but because of his competitive spirit, he continues to get faster and PR on most every race.


What are your greatest athletic accomplishments?

I would say completing 2 Ironmans was probably the greatest test for my body.  Finishing my first Ironman in 10:28 was a great accomplishment as the feeling of fulfillment at the finish line is tremendous.  All the time that I had spent training for the event had paid off.  Also my recent marathon finish at Albany where I joined my friends that run sub 3 hours gave me a huge sense of pride.  But now I just want to get faster….sub 2:55 and sub 2:50!!  Finally, competing in the Escape from Alcatraz in 2013 was a great feat.  I loathe swimming and swimming 1.5 across San Francisco Bay in March is no easy task.  Thoughts of quitting crossed my mind but I persevered and had a great day.

How has Running Wild helped you reach your goals?


Running Wild has been a tremendous asset.  Just the scheduled 6@6 runs and Saturday morning long runs help to maintain a sense of order in my busy life.  The first pair of running shoes I bought from Running Wild was in 2007 when my wife, Jamie, and I moved to Pensacola.  I remember Nicki giving me a gait analysis and fitting me.  She was so sweet and helpful.  That first experience set the tone for the family-like treatment that I have always received at Running Wild.  Also, Paul has always given me training and instruction to help me reach my goals.  He’s been there the night before a race when the conditions were less than favorable.  He has always been a motivator whether or not the race went as planned.   And not to mention, he helps fuel my body with Bagel Heads coffee after our morning runs!


10434000_10152411053589471_1876696634295358818_n What are your favorite products from Running Wild?

  • Newtons (Distance, Distance S, MV3)
  • Trigger Point
  • Marathon Stick
  • Injinji socks
  • Garmin 910xt



What next?  What are your future athletic goals that you wish to achieve?

  • I want to train and run a sub 1:20 half marathon.  
  • Boston 2016….run a sub-3 with Paul, Rusty, and Eric.
  • Continue to decrease my marathon time and hopefully one day run a sub-2:50
  • I want to instill a love of running and fitness for my daughter, Polly.  She will be three this month and already loves to run.
  • Adam and his family

Adam, I am sure that with your work ethic and sense of balance in your life, that these goals are within your reach!