Another fantastic Double Bridge Run weekend.  There are so many things we love to love about this run.  We live in a runner friendly community, in fact this is now an official title for our city through Road Runners Club of America.  Everyone enjoyed the new start at the beautiful Maritime Park.  Thanks Paul for turning on the fantastic weather for us!  We are happy to manage this course and create a fun, safe and memorable event for our city with Pensacola Sports Association.  This longtime event has grown into THE premier event in our region and arguably the country.

The Double Bridge Run is a day we look forward to each year.

It’s watching the sun rise with 2500 of your closest friends.


It’s freezing your butt off and huddling into corrals waiting for that exciting moment when they belt out the Star Spangled Banner.

It’s checking out the competition and strutting your stuff.

It’s girl power.

It’s crazy runners.

It’s the view coming over the bridge.

It’s the good times at the finish line.

An all around great day.  What was your favorite part?

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