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  • UWF Cross Country Coach Runs to Help Others

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    UWF Cross Country Coach Runs to Help Others

    The world is experiencing some unprecedented changes in the last several weeks.  As a result, hundreds of thousands of school aged children across the country are attending virtual school in their living rooms with the rest of the family hunkered down with them.  Thousands of college students have come home for a very long extended Spring and possibly Summer break; but not all of them.  On the University of West Florida’s  campus alone, there are at least 250 students that are unable to go home and many of those are in need of food and toiletries.

    Caleb Carmichael, the UWF Cross Country coach has committed to running at least 26.2 miles…a marathon a day for seven days to raise awareness and money to assist these and others in our community through two means:  The Argo Pantry and Feeding the Gulf Coast.

    The Argo Pantry provides UWF students with needed essentials. To donate to The Argo Pantry please follow the directions below:

    1.  Head to crowdfunding.uwf.edu and select the first campaign for Student Emergency Support . While making your gift, be sure to check the box indicating a tribute gift.  When prompted, indicate you want to make the gift in honor of Caleb’s Run.

    In addition to assisting The Argo Pantry, Caleb is running to raise money for Feeding the Gulf Coast.  Feeding the Gulf Coast is on the front lines addressing the growing needs of those in our community impacted by this national health crisis.  They work tirelessly to reach children, families, and seniors at risk of going hungry during this time of uncertainty. Since this crisis began,  an increase of more than 500% on the Gulf Coast are seeking food assistance. If you would like to donate towards this cause here is the link:


    Between all of the miles we were able to ask him a few questions:

    While you are running, Caleb, what is going through your head????  Do you feel hope, positivity and accomplishment?  Does this satisfy your racing or do you think of the disappointment of cancelled races which you trained so hard for?

    I’m thinking this is CRAZY but it is making a difference and lifting people’s spirits.  I’m feeling hopeful, in a sense, that I can raise money for those who are really in need.  I also feel a sense of accomplishment each time I finish these long runs.  The more it hurts, the more positive I feel.  I am feeling pretty positive after day 4.  This has given me a drive and focus much in the way racing has.  So yes, it does satisfy my need, but it also feels really good to help people through running.

    How are you fueling before, during and after your run and through out the day?

    My wife has been great through all of this.  She has been the reason I can do what I am doing!  She has been making a high carb/protein breakfast for me each morning and a great dinner each night.  I was able to stock up on gels, electrolytes and recovery mixes from Running Wild…so far 2 gels, 4 electrolyte tablets and 4-5 bottles of water during the run.  Before the run I tend to have toast or a Picky Bar with water.  I typically get recovery drink in my body within 30 minutes to an hour after each run.

    Caleb, what do you plan to do on the 8th day???

    I will likely be on a bike ride to loosen up my legs while my kids run.  I will probably take some days off after that or continue to bike alongside my kids while they run.

    Thank you Caleb for living the principal beliefs of Running Wild; #connect #inspire #equip #enCourage


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