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  • Wild Cheetah Girl Of The Month: September

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    Wild Cheetah Girl Of The Month: September

    Stephanie Rafferty


    Stephanie Rafferty is an energetic and inspirational runner. She is a lead runner of the Wild Cheetah
    Girlz Running Club. On Wednesdays, she stands on a platform to lead the group---setting out distances
    and organizing hill and speed workouts. Stephanie also coaches 5k classes and leads the Wild Cheetah
    Book Club now that the former leader, Grete Bittner, is living on a sailboat. Stephanie is also a
    tremendously successful runner on the local scene. She has actually won races and always places in her
    age division. Her distance of choice is the marathon; she has run 34.

    Stephanie has moved around a lot in her life. She has lived in Mississippi, Kentucky, Texas, and
    Florida. She and her husband, Mike, moved here in 2008. They have been married 27 years and have 2
    children: Andrew is 24 and Alafaire is 22.

    She graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Kentucky. Later, she got her nursing
    degree in San Antonio and started working in behavioral health, a field she loves. Two years ago, she
    earned a second degree in nursing at UWF and now works in Baptist Hospital’s Mental Health

    Stephanie didn’t always run. She started running to lose weight as a young mother. She ran a lot by
    herself but when she moved to Pensacola, a group of ladies wanted to run a marathon. That sparked
    her interest in the distance. The distance proved addictive to her and she is still loving the marathon.

    Eventually, she started running with the Wild Cheetah Girlz (formerly the Phat Girlz) . She fell in love
    with the camaraderie of running with the group and loves the fact that it is all women supporting one
    another and running in safety. She loves its diversity (young, old, fast, slow, career and stay-at-home
    moms) and loves the feeling of being on and supporting a team. She expresses that feeling in the
    following: “I feel that people have different and more in depth conversations when they are running. I
    have literally met a person and learned their whole life story over the course of a race.” Stephanie
    supports running and supports runners; she is the one congratulating and taking pictures of all Cheetah
    Girlz after the races.


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