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Running Wild Phat Girlz

About The Group

Phat Girlz is a diverse “girls only” walking and running club and more, it’s a spirit of sisterhood. The positive group is focused on encouraging and being encouraged.

Show up a few minutes early to get signed in, no cost to join and no need to register. Just show up. Once you sign in, a staff member or coach can help you by showing you where to put your stuff, giving you a map and answering any questions. We do brief announcements and then head out for our run/walk at listed times (8:30am Pensacola & 9:30am Fairhope) sharp. We offer free speedwork led by a Phat Girlz/Tribe group leader, this is always optional. We want to encourage you to reach new goals and help you get out of your comfort zone. This is a “safe place”. All girls, all abilities are welcome. Just come as you are and get encouraged to reach new goals and push past your comfort zone.

Sounds Awesome, How do I get involved?

No fee, no sign up. Just say you’re Phat and you’re in! Can’t make a weekly run or don’t live near a Running Wild? No problemo, get involved through Facebook and sign up for the Phat Weekly Newsletter. See below for Fairhope and Pensacola location details.

Find the Group Near You

Pensacola Phatties

Weekly Runs
Meet every Wednesday at 8:30 am from Running Wild Pensacola. Choose to walk or run 1-6 miles on mapped courses. Stick around after the run for core exercises and stretching. Group meets September thru late May, during summer time ladies join our 6@6 group run.

Fairhope Wild Tribe

Weekly Runs
Meet every Friday at 9:30am from Running Wild Fairhope (214 Fairhope Ave). Choose to walk or run 3 – 10 miles on mapped courses. Stick around after the run for core exercises and stretching.

Pensacola Senior
Phat Girlz

Weekly Runs
Ladies 60 and over- Are you looking for a Fun & Free way to exercise with a group? Look no more! Join the NEW Senior Phat Girlz Group at Running Wild at 8:45am every Wednesday morning to run or walk 1-5 mile courses through beautiful neighborhoods in East Hill.