We are continuing to connect and grow each season because the energy of love on Wednesday mornings is contagious!  Our season started off early and warm this year with a Topo demo run.  Paul drew the name belonging to Kelley Gander to receive her free pair that was raffled from the Topo rep!  Imagine her joy!!!!

Reminder ladies:  It’s hot out there and even more so if you typically run at pre-dawn.  Drink water ALL day long.  Staying well hydrated has many benefits.  Just naming a few: gives your muscles the energy it needs during exercise, keeps your metabolism charging, hydrates your skin from within, helps to build stronger bones, aides in digestion and helps you to recover from your workouts faster.  Consider running with an amphipod bottle so as not to break your stride

Next week we are still not doing the optional speed work but we will add the 3 A’s into the morning in the backroom after our run/walk.  Abs, Arms, Arse!  You got this!!!  See you Wednesday!!!