During this strange time of Pandemics, political strife, and seemingly nothing but bad news flooding our brains each day, life can feel very dark and it can be really easy to lose sight of the things in life that bring us joy as outdoor enthusiasts. With mainstream media pushing doom and gloom with scary headlines attached, I believe it is crucial that we balance out that negativity with a bit of lighthearted, motivational content. So I went ahead and compiled some of my favorite independent short films from the past few years that have inspired and motivated me through this time! Hopefully, they will do the same for you!

Leadman: The Dave Makey Story – This is an inspirational story of an elite athlete’s reintegration into running ultramarathons after a horrific accident resulting in the loss of his left leg.

Run Time: 24 Minutes


100 Seconds of Ultimate Flow – As athletes, we have all experienced those fleeting moments of complete “Flow” where everything except the task at hand seems to melt away and the movements become effortless. This bite-sized film beautifully showcases 100 seconds of downhill mountain bike bliss!

Run Time: 2 minutes

Runner Vs Base Jumper: The Romsdalshorn Challenge – If you are a trail runner or mountaineer you have surely heard of the great and powerful Kilian Jornet! This short film is sure to get your heart pounding as Kilian races his buddy Eric Heiman up to the top of a mountain and back down for bragging rights. The catch is that Kilian runs down and Eric Jumps off the top with a wingsuit! Who will be victorious?

Run Time: 10 minutes

A Mile an Hour: A different kind of Marathon – “There’s just not enough hours in the day” a quote that we’re all guilty of saying at one point or another! In this film, Beau Miles completes a VERY impressive list of tasks throughout the course of a 24 hour period while he runs a one-mile loop around his block every hour on the hour! If you want a good laugh and to feel ashamed of your laziness then this film is for you!

Run Time: 17 Minutes

Danny Macaskill: Danny Daycare – If you are a protective parent…. maybe just close your eyes for this one. This super light-hearted film shows Danny Macaskill taking babysitting to the extreme!

Run Time: 4 Minutes

Every Single Street With Rickey Gates: Rickey Gates is an incredibly inspirational character in the running world who proves that there is so much more to our sport than competition. Rickey is known for thinking up running adventures where he is able to connect with the people in an intimate way. He thinks of running more as an art form than an athletic pursuit. In this short film, Rickey runs every single street in his hometown of SanFransisco, California while interacting with the people he meets along the way.

Run Time: 18 Minutes

Mt. Marathon: This film showcases the GNARLIEST 5k you’ve probably never heard of. Once a year in the small town of Seward, Alaska, a group of the top mountain runners in the world get together for an all-out run up and down Mt. Marathon.

Run Time: 10 Minutes

Music for Free: Ever thought about dusting off that mountain bike in your garage and going for a nice long bike ride? In this film, Ben Weaver packs up his instruments on the back of his bike and rides the entirety of the Great Divide trail which runs from the Canadian border to The Mexican border while he plays free concerts for the people of the small towns along the way.

Run Time: 22 Minutes

Denali – A Tribute to man’s best friend: Make sure you’ve got a box of tissues ready for this tear-jerker about the relationship that Ben Moon shares with his dog Denali as he battles Colon Cancer.

Run Time: 8 Minutes

How to Run 100 Miles: 100 Miles is a long way to run, but with the support of a lifelong friend by your side anything is possible. This hilarious film follows newbie two Ultra-Runners as they train for and compete in their dream of running the Run Rabbit Run 100 mile trail Run in Steamboat, Colorado.

Run Time: 28 Minutes