It’s cold snap!  It has us running for our cold weather gear…the tights, gloves and hats are all making an appearance, finally.  Nothing says Christmas like a good cold snap right before the big day.  But, when we aren’t used to it dressing for a workout can be a challenge.  Layering properly and having the right gear after the run can make all the difference.

Our Phat Girlz talked a bit about this subject today before their weekly Friday run (the group meets and runs/walks every Friday at 9:30-girls only).  Here’s owner Cherie Epstein talking a little about staying dry and warm:

So, she’s right.  No running apparel will keep you completely dry.  BUT, it will keep you dry-ER.  And that is the key.  Wearing the right non bulky layers will keep you drier, warmer and you will have a better more productive workout.  You will feel less tired after and recover better.  All this by putting on the correct clothing.  Stay away from cotton.  Cotton will absorb lots of moisture and hold on to it, so choose something that is a blend of “technical” fabric.  Not sure if it’s techinical (and what does even mean you ask), just look at the tag and you will know right away.  Or better yet, just ask one of our staff because that keeps it easy for you.

There are so many options for building yourself (or your loved one, the one you still need to get a Christmas present for) a great cold weather running wardrobe.

Here’s a few items we suggest for Pensacola Florida winters:

  • Tights
  • Tight fitting base layer (long and short sleeve so you have options depending on the weather)
  • Half Zip Pullover (this can also be used as a base layer or by itself)
  • Light weight wind barrier jacket or vest
  • Arm Warmers
  • Gloves
  • Hat or Headband that covers the ears

Pretty simple, easy peesy!  With these basics you have options depending on how cold it is.  You just layer accordingly.  You want to dress for how warm you will be during your run, after you’ve warmed up.  Do not overdress.  It’s ok to be a bit chilly in the beginning.  Just plan to have a nice warm hoodie to slip on after the run and a pair of pants to slip on over your tights.  You don’t want to be shivering while hanging around Running Wild after your 6@6 run.

Here’s a few options our staff is loving right now…

Moving Comfort’s Foxie 1/2 Zip in Blizzard, we love the details on the back, secret pocket and built in mittens.  The color is bright and cheery for those cold mornings.

Another half zip we love, North Face Impulse 1/2 Zip

Nike Printed Relay Run Capri in Thunder Blue with Nike Wool Run Hoodie to match CAH-YOOT!

Stay warm this weekend and check back for more “12 Days of Christmas”.  We’re here, loving to serve you and keeping your runs comfortable and warm.  Stop by this week and we’ll show you some of the other sweet tops and bottoms for your next cold weather run.

Do you have a favorite piece in your closet?  What is it?  Why do you love it?