Blisters!  Most all who run or exercise have experienced this common irritation at some point or another.


We asked staffer Jared Black from Running Wild Pensacola how to deal with a blister on the foot.

Here are some tips from Jared…

“There are several solutions to this common running problem. The first (after being properly/professionally fit for the correct type of shoe) is to change to a good pair of running socks. Good running socks are cotton free and made of synthetic fibers that hold the foot better and protect it from friction in the shoe as well as wick moister away from the foot. Good socks come in all colors and sizes we even have toe socks that will protect every single one of your toes if that’s where you’re getting blisters.

Here are a few great options:

Thorlo Experia Socks. They have the super soft cushion that you love from Thorlo, but with a lower profile fit.  The breathable mesh makes it feel lighter and less bulky than the traditional Thorlo sock.


Thorlo Experia Socks

Feetures! Elite Merino Wool Sock. This sock is anatomically correct, one for left, one for right. The insulating properties of wool keep you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot. The fit of wool stays put, but doesn’t squeeze.


Feetures! Elite Merino Wool Sock

After you are confident you have the correct sock for your foot and shoe combo, try Bodyglide or some sort of anti-chafing remedy. These products are to be applied directly to the area of the foot that is being rubbed and irritated and causing the blisters. This usually works best for the heel or in between toes but can be tried anywhere (and by anywhere, we mean anywhere). BodyGlide comes in a convenient tube that looks like deodorant.  It’s not greasy and doesn’t goop up your clothing. Try it.  It’ll change your life.


Another consideration is HOW you are tying your shoes.  If you feel like your shoe is slipping up and down in the back, check it out as Jared demonstrates this nifty “runner knot”…

But hey if you wait long enough maybe your blisters will turn into calluses and then it wont matter anymore.