It has been the longest April in the history of mankind…or at least in my life.  So many things have been cancelled which if you are or you know a senior in high school, it can be a source of turmoil on top of world events.   We get REALLY excited when we hear of good things happening to good people…not just now but all the the time.  Please help Running Wild applaud one of our favorite young runners in our community who has just signed a 4 year commitment to run cross country at the University of West Florida!

We could not be more excited….not just because we get to see her running close to home…but because of the hope that this gives us that we are going back to normal in the near future.  It’s happening people.  Running is not cancelled.  All the dreams and goals that running can bring you are still within reach!  Congratulations Skylar, and also THANK YOU Skylar for being a light in our community!