These are unprecedented times.  For many people who are not healthy, these are frightening times.   In 1933, during The Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his first inauguration speech “…..the only thing we have to fear is….fear itself…”    Today, in the middle of our turmoil, we must nourish our physical, mental, and spiritual health right now more han any other time in our history.  This will NOT be the fall of mankind.  We must NOT fear!!!

The world is changing daily and if you follow the news more than two hours a day, you may be creating a hostile environment for your health and those around you.  This is the time to rally.  Reach out to others that you have not in a while.  Be an example to your kids and the community.  We have no martial law in our community today…Get outside and walk your dog:

Participate in a virtual 5k, 10k, or marathon:

You can still meet with small groups of friends but be mindful and practice #socialdistancing by keeping 6 feet apart.

Disinfect everything you come in contact with as if you were a kindergarten teacher:

and just like you were taught in kindergarten- wash your hands thoroughly and don’t rub your eyes, pick your nose and eat your boogers:

Find encouragement and inspiration on social media…and delete the doom and gloom.  Feed your body with the best food you can and your soul with positive words and people that will lift you up…not tear you down.  If you have spent a few days in-doors binging on Netflix, you will immediately tell the difference that 30 minutes of outdoor activity with bone strengthening sunshine can deliver to you.

Lastly for now, but not finally, as more good stuff will continue to flood your brain when you open that gate…keep moving.  Be it running, walking, lifting, stretching, biking or swimming.  If you lose access to one activity…find another to replace it.


Running Wild remains open in both locations: Fairhope and Pensacola.  We are offering curb side pick up, free shipping, and online shopping.  We are working on gait analysis via Facetime if you are new to Running Wild as well as booking appointments so that you can receive the full Running Wild experience with less than 10 people in a setting.  We look forward to getting back to normal.

#washyourhands #socialdistancing #spreadhopeNotgerms

#connect #inspire #equip #enCourage