In another few days we will begin a brand new year.  Are you finding yourself still in the arms of Christmas cookies, leftover turkey and stuffing, cake, almond bark, fudge and more?  Many of you still have holiday company lingering and other family obligations (which we are thankful for) that can be putting a wrench in your usual healthy lifestyle. Starting today, do your body a favor and feel better by just drinking water.  Make it the goal to drink 8 8 oz glasses of water each day until Jan 2.  You will feel better and have more energy by drinking water.  For those who are starting a new program this year, drinking water each day is a fantastic baby step towards a healthy lifestyle.

A good way to keep track of water intake is to put rubberbands on your waterbottle for each bottle you plan to drink.  Take off a band each time you finish a bottle to know where you stand!

Are you thinking of New Year’s Resolutions?  Do you want to start running? Are you planning to conquer a new race?