Last week we were honored to accept the Best of the Bay Award for “Best Locally Owned Shoe Store”. We truly appreciate serving our community and our customers who support local business. So, for one night, the Running Wild girls ditched the running shoes, shorts and sweaty pony tails and busted out to very gratefully accept our award.

Owner Cherie of course recommended “fast lipstick”. Apparently it is good not only for racing (a secret tip all Phat Girlz know about), but also good for going out in public.

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After the fast lipstick was applied we piled into the Running Wild bus, ok we didn’t go on the bus-but don’t you love imagining driving all over town in the short bus? We headed down to Vinyl Music hall to round up the award.

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Once inside, we video taped (did I just say video tape??) a segment for Pensacola New Journal’s website.  As you can see, we are all very focused. I’m sure this poor man felt as though he were herding cats.

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Thank you Gulf Coast for choosing us. It’s an honor, really. We love what we do and you are the reason we do it.  Fitting you in your shoes, introducing you to a new event or training program and hearing about your recent accomplishment is what we love to do. It keeps us going. It inspires us, we thank you for that.  We thank you for your support and for you business.

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Running and fitness is fun. It’s also hard work and takes dedication, we know you know. It makes you hungry! Of course, where did they find us Running Wild girls when it was time to accept the award?

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Thanks for choosing us Gulf Coast!

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