Change is a necessary evil.  We can’t avoid it.  From the time we are born we have changed someone’s life and then our life is constantly evolving.  Experiencing a big life changing event is different for each individual.  For some, the transition is rather simple.  There are many options available in front of them.  For others, like myself, it is an emotional journey.

Take the constantly evolving running shoe, for example. I am a flat footed, floppy but light runner.  I am an extreme over pronator.   For years, (28 of the 34 years that I have been running)  I ran  in a big beefy shoe that was made for a heavier runner and lots of built up medial posts.  Or I ran in custom orthotics.  Motion Control or better yet…just put me in a cast.

It went something like this: after losing my orthotics my college provided me, I ran in the Brooks Ariel.  I’m running and everything is okay.  Get pregnant.  come back to the scene and Brooks has changed the shape of the shoe so it is too big.  Several shoes go by that don’t work.  The Asics Evolution is now my go to shoe….That changes…Maybe Asics Kayano…injuries continue to plague me…I spend a YEAR AND A HALF working on changing my form and fall in love with Newton Lady Issacs.  And that is discontinued.  Six months of trial and error and now finally am in love with the Altra Provision. 

The point I am making, finding a shoe for the the light floppy flat foot is a HUGE challenge…and it is not a science.  It is an art.  You have to be willing to listen, to try new brands…completely change your thought process sometimes.  But when you find that shoe…and can run freely again like there is no tomorrow, you know it is worth it.  Change really CAN be a blessing.