I think it is important to write goals down and share them with others. And just because this is a
blog on a running site, doesn’t mean that it has to be about running. Finding balance is the key
to satisfaction. Changing the goals up over the year keeps things fresh. And sharing your
journey with one or more is the joy.

Sharing goals on a blog is quite intimidating, but my hope is that it will encourage you as you
In 2014 I was running at a life time best…and then very suddenly I was not. I can’t tell you why.
I have seen this happen to people over the years and was baffled at how you can love running
and then not. But now I get it. I just needed to miss it.

In 2016, My very dearest friend, Alex Ellis, and I created a #runlove challenge. (we actually
borrowed the idea from some ladies at Oiselle apparel company.) We wrote down some of our
goals and a dead line and did a spit and shake. Breaking a spit and shake is more of a set back
on humanity than a legal contract so we were very diligent. We checked in with each other
frequently and every goal was achieved by the date.

Two years later and we are still doing a weekly check in on our goals for the week. She has
since moved away but via technology we can inspire and encourage each other just as if we still
saw each other on a daily basis.

IMG_2228(1) IMG_2229(2)

RunLove Sister, Alex:

Ways Running Wild can help you with your goals:

1. Coached training groups
2. Opportunities to run with others
3. Free Form clinics to teach you to be a more efficient runner
4. Identify and address common and sometimes not so common injuries
5. Connect you to the products that best suit your needs

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” -C.S. Lewis