Why do we enjoy running with others?  I mean, not everyone enjoys running with others…there are some people who always enjoy the quiet solitude of solo running.  I get that.  I like to run by myself every ONCE in awhile….but sometimes if I don’t have that constant group of friends waiting for me…I am likely to hit the snooze button and then the opportunity to get that stress relieving hour or whatever time in is gone.  Maybe you don’t get that….but flip the scenario over and wake up at dark ugly and do what most people don’t…. run with those friends and you are a super hero for the rest of the day….all day long it doesn’t really matter if you did not complete that “TO DO” list….you got the magical run in.

aint no mountain  If you are training for a specific event, it’s good to have several different running partners of different abilities….some that push you further than you thought you were capable of…and some that you push.  If you have a lot to say that day, it’s great to run with someone who runs much slower than you because you have a captive audience.  And sometimes you just need to both be silent and listen to the rhythm of your shoes on the pavement.

Both Running Wild Fairhope and Pensacola locations offer free group runs to the public.  There is the very popular Phat Girlz group run on Wednesday mornings that is exclusive to women only at both locations.  Saturday mornings Running Wild is the place to meet for the long run….Anywhere from 8 to 20+ miles.  Depending on the time of the year, you will see the size of the group range from a few to parade status.

In Pensacola there is the very popular “six at six” morning run which also will range in size throughout the year.  Six miles at exactly six a.m. with a course that offers beautiful sunrises along the bay, downtown Pensacola, and historical neighborhoods in East Hill.  The Fairhope location offers an evening run at 6 p.m. on Tuesday evenings from 3-6 miles of all abilities as well.

And if you are up to trail runs, there is a small group that meets at UWF on Thursday evenings.  Call the store, 850-435-9222 for more information or peruse this web site.

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Make it a party!  Eliminate the excuses and own that daily run all day long!