It’s cold! It’s hot! It’s…kind of in-between?! What do you wear during this time of crazy, changing weather?

Well, if you can find out what the temperature is, we can help to guide you on how to dress accordingly.

50+ degrees










Top: Short Sleeve
Bottoms: Shorts
*If the temps are closer to 50, you may want to start with lightweight gloves or arm warmers

35-50 degrees










Top: Lightweight Long Sleeve
Bottoms: Capri or Three-Quarter Length Tight
*Layer an additional long sleeve or vest, lightweight gloves and ear warmers if necessary

20-35 degrees










Tops: Two long-sleeve shirts, or a long-sleeve shirt, a thin midlayer and thin technical wind barrier jacket
Bottoms: Insulated tights
Add: Beanie hat and thicker gloves. Consider sunglasses to protect your eyes from chilly gusts of wind. (Consider clear lenses on cloudy days.)

0-20 degrees (we may not be in Pensacola anymore, Toto)










Tops: A long-sleeve shirt, a mid layer, and an insulated jacket.
Bottoms: Insulated tights
Add: A scarf that you can pull over your chin and mouth. A warm beanie that covers your ears. Thick gloves, sunglasses and long socks to cover any exposed skin.

0 degrees and below… that’s not even funny, stay inside and drink some apple cider.


***Layering properly and having the right gear after the run can make all the difference.
Wearing the right non bulky layers will keep you drier, warmer and you will have a better more productive workout.  You will feel less tired after and recover better.  All this by putting on the correct clothing.  Stay away from cotton.  Cotton will absorb lots of moisture and hold on to it, so choose something that is a blend of “technical” fabric.  Not sure if it’s technical (and what does that even mean you ask??), just look at the tag and you will know right away.  Or better yet, just ask one of our staff because that keeps it easy for YOU!