I am so thankful that Oiselle, one of our awesome female apparel brands, came up with the idea of incorporating a partner accountability program. I go through many seasons with my relationship with “Run”. I have been passionately in love with Run…and have detested Run over the years. That is the truth. We have had a pretty close relationship since I was 13 years old…Run helped guide me through turmoil in my life and Run was there to celebrate my accomplishments.

I have had every text book injury that Run has been accosted by….plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, Illioband syndrome (I-T band syndrome) hairline hip fracture and the list goes on. Run and I have been at it for 35 years and we still work through it. Sometimes it is a change in shoes, or therapy or scenery, or goals. Or season. I still love Run. My husband and I own a running store. But I was really having a pity party last Fall. I was working through an injury and ignoring ALL advice that I have ever given anyone… and when I was able to run with Run, I would get so excited that I would jump right in where I left off and Run would put me back in timeout.

Then excuses came. I really wasn’t doing much of any activity…except the ones that revolved around Christmas food and beverage. Bleh…a few weeks of that was enough. 2 weeks ago (not the first week of the year but the SECOND week) I was ready to make the changes and along came Love Run Challenge like this company was reading my soul!!!

Alex joyfully jumped in to be my partner and I am forever thankful. Yes, it has only been 2 weeks and I have not done every single one of my goals….I did not do my trigger point and stretch last night…I skipped the pool every day this week…i only got on my trainer for 10 minutes…but I have made positive changes every single day and Alex has been checking in on me as I have with her!

IMG_1824 IMG_1825


This week in our 3 A’s class (abs, arms and arse) we followed the workout with the Phat Girlz that Oiselle sent us:

-Lunge Pass                         -Leg Toss
-Dips                                     -Squat Thrust
-Tandem Bicycle                 -Partner Sit-Up
-Russian Twist                    -Push-Up Countdown


IMG_5971 IMG_5978 IMG_6014


I am not as sore as I have been with other classes but it was really fun. Waking up on Wednesdays is so joyful as I have Phat Girlz to look forward to and seeing Alex and all of the kind, loving and inspirational women that make up this group.

They say that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit or break one. I am so glad that Alex has my back for 6 weeks and still more after that.

It’s not too late for you to jump in and make new goals and positive changes. It really does help. And having a close friend or group to share that with gives purpose to it all.

I really do love Run. <3