marathon testimonials

Susan Hoover

2016 Marathon Training Program Participant

“I’ve been running for over 30 years and questioned why I should pay to learn to run but worth every penny!”

Marathon Training program benefits:
– Coach support
– Peer support
– Accountability
– Access to a PT
– Access to Massage Therapist
– Increased Knowledge on Running
– Info on Avoiding Injuries
– Clear Schedules




Patrick Lanza

2016 Marathon Training Program Participant

The program has helped me the last 4 years successfully complete the Pensacola Marathon by:

– Getting my body physically tuned for the endurance run by meeting the weekly schedule of runs both distance and speed. Also the mechanics and needs of proper nutrition, before during and after the runs.

– Getting my mind psychologically prepared for the endurance through interaction with your staff from their previous experiences

– Providing me with a backstop in the sense that I just have to keep up with the pacer so there is less mental stress to push myself when needed

– Last but not least the camaraderie of your pace group provides inspiration and feedback and is really fun