Originally from Daphne, Alabama, Trey played on All-State high school & collegiate football teams!


However in 2015, he struggled running to his mailbox and made the change for his best life.


Trey is currently working on pursuing his career as a teacher and coach! He also enjoys umpiring/refereeing high-school baseball & football and of course getting his running times down!


Why did you start running?

I started walking/running in April of 2015 when I went to get dressed and my size 54 jeans would barely button up. That’s as big as you can buy in a regular department store and I knew something had to be done for my health and for my future. I was 465 lbs!!! I started walking and eating better until it got easier and I took to running. For the first time since football it gave me something to work towards and the reward was dropping pounds.

How has Running Wild helped you reach your goals?

Running Wild has given me the support system and accountability that I couldn’t get while training solo, as well as the expertise of and advice of people who have trained in the sport for an entire lifetime. They have helped me find ways to challenge myself as well as cut down on time and increase distance without injury.


What is your greatest (favorite) athletic/running accomplishment to date and why?

My greatest moment so far was finishing the RockNRoll Half-Marathon in New Orleans back in February of this year. I was 465 lbs when I started and I couldn’t run to the mailbox let alone 13.1 miles. I never dreamed I’d be able to run that distance without stopping to walk and although after I hit a wall at 10.5 miles and slowed to a snail’s pace I still finished in 3 hours and 5 minutes without walking. My race weight was about 385 pounds and to date I am only about 5 pounds short of 100 pound total weight loss.

TOP 5 Products from Running Wild to help you achieve success?

1.Asics Nimbus running shoes. They were a perfect fit and have an extra thick midsole to take the added pressure of my knees and joints so I can go the
2.Half Marathon 16 week training program at Running Wild It gave me a specific goal to work towards and advice from runners who have been in the sport for years. Also a great way to meet new people with the group social and long training runs.
3.Amphipod Armband I like my music when I’m running because it picks up when I start to fatigue or fade away. The arm band keeps my phone tight to my arm and the tunes roaring.
4.Running Wild blaze orange Headsweats visor Keeps the sweat out of my eyes as well as adds visibility for early morning or late evening runs. Also love to rep the Running Wild logo when I can.
5.GU carbohydrate gels Sometimes regular diet and nutrition aren’t enough to get you through those extra long distances. GU gels give me the added zing I need to keep pushing those extra miles.


What is your next athletic goal and how do you plan to reach it?

My Dream is to one day be around 300 lbs and have the ability to wear a 2xl t-shirt and make it look good. I never thought I could run a half-marathon and so now a big part of me wants to shoot to finish a marathon at least once. I think I would really enjoy triathlons as well but I’ve got a few more pounds to go before I fit on a bike. One step at a time.



Trey has been a light during the training season.

His body is strong and his spirit is even stronger!

We can’t wait to cheer him on in all his future endeavors.