Timothy Dodd grew up in Pace/Milton and moved over to Pensacola seven years or so ago with his (then soon to be) wife Amber! They have a 2-year-old son named Oliver (who is just the cutest) and he takes up pretty much all of their free time outside of working! Tim is actually pretty new to running, he didn’t get into it until about a year and a half ago but fell in love with it quickly. Running to Tim is an awesome pastime! He likes that it is something fun you can do with friends or just to relax! Tim usually tries to run before and after work and whenever else he can squeeze it in. The sport of running has become near and dear to him.


Why did you start running?

“I actually started walking with my son in the stroller when he was a baby, just to get out of the house with him. We would go out for a mile, then two, and then one day Amber said we should get the “couch to 5k” app. Once I could run more than a few miles without stopping, I started going to group runs and meeting a bunch of fun people, but the only time to hang out with them was at group runs! So I started running more and more and it just kinda happened.”


How has Running Wild helped you reach your goals?

“Running wild has helped me reach my goals in so many ways that I could spend all day listing them off, but the most important way is the community they foster! Especially their Tuesday 6@6 run! My Wife attends their Phat Girlz group on Wednesdays with Oliver in the stroller. It has become a hub for my family and I.”

What is your favorite thing about training with Running Wild?

“The store group runs are a great way to connect with others that have the same goals and interest as you. Getting to hang out with everyone is truly awesome. Also, the motivation that the Running Wild team radiates can’t be beat!”

What is your greatest (most favorite) running accomplishment to date?

I just recently qualified for Boston and I am pretty excited to be able to run through the historic city among some of the greatest runners!”

Top 5 products from Running Wild to help you achieve success?

My top five must haves from Running Wild are:
1) My favorite ON running shoes, the Cloudflyer!
2) GU energy gelslife savers
3) Injinji Toe Socks-  they are neat and super comfy
4) Runner shortsif you run, it’s a must!
5) My Running Wild Headsweatz Visor! My hair pokes me in the eyes without one

What is your next athletic goal and how do you plan to reach it?

I recently conquered the Pensacola Marathon so rest and recovery have been my friends. As of right now I am dealing with an injury. I’ve been having a hard time running the past few weeks, so my next goal is to not be broken anymore!

We are very excited for this cheetah and it’s just the beginning! We can’t wait to see him thrive and achieve his goals!