Suzy, a senior at Pace High School started training with Running Wild’s My First 5k program in July, 2016. Since then she has crossed the finish line to TWO 5k runs… with flying colors we might add. Her next goal is a personal best time at the Bayou Hills 5k in March!

She shares what she likes to do (other than running), upcoming goals and her favorite training tools!

What is your daily grind?

“I go to school, the gym, take our dogs for a walk or do some other type of workout like run at Running Wild or in my neighborhood. Then I come home, do homework, go to sleep and do it all over again. I also like to bike, go to the mall, take my dogs for walks, listen to music, take pictures, go shopping, go to church, and hangout with family, friends and animals.”

Why do you choose to run?

“To me, running is a relief from stress, anxiety, worry, or whatever the case may be. I run because over the years I realized it is very important for not only my physical health but mental health as well. I run after school in the evenings. I choose to fit it in because I love running and it’s good for my health and is also really fun.”

Why did you start running?

“I started running to bond with my dad, to lose weight, to feel better, and to get active. ”

How has Running Wild helped you reach your goals?

“Running Wild has helped me reach my goals by helping me to run longer than just 2 or 3 minutes without having to stop to walk. It helped me run a 5k without stopping, no matter how hard it was for me which was one of my goals. The people I have trained with are so nice and supportive and I love them for that. They are the best.”

What was your favorite thing about training with Running Wild?

“My favorite thing about Running Wild are the trainers and staff. They are so nice, helpful and knowledgeable. I loved the core work, trigger points, intervals, running tips and warmups/stretches.”

What is your greatest (most favorite) athletic/running accomplishment to date and why?

“My greatest running achievement is when I ran the Ho Ho Hustle 5k without stopping. It may have been difficult at times, but I was determined not to stop until I finished. I was very proud of myself for achieving my goal.”

TOP 5 Products from Running Wild to help you achieve success?

1.Brooks Ghost- Favorite shoe!
2.Moving Comfort Sports Bras- Supportive and comfy must-haves.
3.Balega Socks- These socks are soft, stay put and keep your feet as dry as possible.
4.Trigger Point- I love this kit. Hurts so good!
5.Tops and shorts- The right clothes make all the difference when running.

What is your next athletic goal and how do you plan to reach it?

“My next goal is to run a 5k in 30 minutes. I plan to reach that goal by training a lot more and eating healthier.”

“It was so great having Suzy run with us. She is always happy with a smile, great attitude and had the best tunes! After finishing the Bridge to Bridge 5k she has become hooked on not only running but striving for personal improvement. You can’t ask for a better example than that!”

~ Coach Nina