We got to ask Jonathan some personal questions on why he runs! See below to hear Jonathan’s journey!


My wife Janna and I are blessed to call beautiful Pensacola our home. We have two wonderful (and overly-energetic) two-year-old daughters, Reagan and Reese. To bring home the bacon, I’m an instructor pilot aboard NAS Pensacola. Running, for me, provides a daily outlet, time to think, and goals toward which to work. Fitting it in usually means out the door ungodly early and/or with the jogging stroller (estimate about 60% of the miles are spent with the kids–a good excuse to give Mom a well-deserved breather!).
Mason with Kids Turkey Trot 2016Q&A:

Why did you start running?

I’ve run from a young age, but started training seriously again in 2015. In high school, track/XC were good sports for me (my eye-hand coordination made me laughable in ball sports). Now, it is nearly cathartic for me on a daily basis. A day feels quite odd without some time on the pavement/trails.

How has Running Wild helped you reach your goals

Running Wild continually provides great opportunities for competition and connections, as well as the learning and growth that come therefrom. The great races they support and the community that gathers around its presence are second-to-none, and facilitate success for anybody!Mason post-Boston Marathon 2017

What was your favorite thing about training with Running Wild?

The amazing thing about coming in the store is realizing that the staff has a desire to see you succeed! You can buy a pair of running shoes/shorts from most anywhere, but at RW you know the folks fitting you want to see you head out the door, lace ’em up & reach the goals you have!


What is your greatest (most favorite) athletic/running accomplishment to date and why?

A few days ago, I realized a dream of mine by running the Boston Marathon. This was incredible for me because the journey of itself was a family undertaking: from miles with the running stroller to Janna’s tolerance of my bedtime foam rolling ritual, it was fun to share in together. My wife got to see me at mile 25, and I was brought to tears upon knowing she got to enjoy the moment with me, for it is she who truly enabled it.


Most important products from Running Wild to help you achieve success?

  • Socks! I prefer Balega, or anything SmartWool. Blisters have been pretty much a non-issue since switching to them. Like Goodyear proclaims that ‘so much is riding on your tires,’ they are (or should be) the only thing touching your feet!
  • Trigger Point. I don’t believe in one great panacea for all my nagging injuries, but this one has come pretty darn close. Ever since taking up the foam rolling system (paired with focused strengthening/stretching, of course), formerly recurrent plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and IT band issues have disappeared.
  • GPS watch–many options out there, but really helps tracks my pacing for all threshold/marathon pace running.
  • The RW Singlet: not only comfortable in the summer heat, but also received tremendous compliments Mason DBR 2017 Finishat Boston this year–so many people said, “I love that team/store name!”


What is your next athletic goal and how do you plan to reach it?

I’ll next be chasing an improved marathon PR. While currently resting post-Boston, my next buildup will include more focused core exercises and form drills to maximize efficiency. I find the allegory comparing your running body to a performance sports car very apt: e.g., overall aerobic endurance = gas tank, etc. I need to focus on the ‘suspension’ to assure my stride is as efficient as possible.


Along the way, I’ll research to see if there are any records out there for pushing the double stroller across a common race distance–I don’t think I have very much more time to chase this one, because the kids get heavier every week!