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I met Maureen about a year ago at Running Wild. She was in our Double Bridge Run training and yet could not drive a car over a bridge by herself due to an overwhelming feeling of fear. Not even the small bridge over Texar to get to Running Wild. She was trying to get in shape and I honestly thought at the time that she had greater obstacles than fitness goals to overcome. I followed her journey a tiny bit on Facebook but not really that much… I knew that she was getting over to Mere Mortals for open water swim practice and so not only had she been driving over bridges but also getting fit. A few weeks ago Maureen came to Phat Girlz and was literally unrecognizable.


She has transformed into a strong, trim, confident and SEXY woman. She has me inspired and I feel her story will inspire you, too!


What does running mean to you? What do you get from your workouts?

When I was younger I loved to go to the gym. Running distance was not very easy for but it was a goal of mine. Well, then I went through a terrible divorce and life as well as battling depression/anxiety got in the way. I met my current husband and we got engaged. I was trying on Wedding gowns and realized how overweight I was. I was shopping at Plus-sized stores and I had no energy. I couldn’t even climb stairs without becoming short of breath. I knew I was unhealthy and weighed over 200 pounds. That’s when I knew I had to start to change. I tried some personal training but it was expensive and hard to meet up due to my work schedule. My friend Melissa James (Clark) is an avid runnier. She introduced to the Phatz Girlz running club , cross fit and Sweat Sisterz weight loss group. I met so many wonderful and encouraging people. They were happy to share their knowledge with me. I started running and found a home at Mako crossfit.

What is your favorite run?

There are so many runs thus far I enjoy. My absolute favorite has been the Double Bridge Run. I’m scared of bridges and have not been able to drive over them(including overpasses) since a car accident about 3 years ago. I get dizzy and pass out from fear. Part of my way to face my fear was to run over the bridges. The double bridge run took me over 2 bridges (3 if you count the overpass). I loved the energy and the views from that particular run.

I never thought it possible in the beginning that I would enjoy running. It’s always been so hard for me. People use to tell me about finding peace and reducing stress when they run. They were right. Running not only allows me to clear my mind but also provides me with challenge. I may challenge myself to go that extra mile or run a little faster. Completing those challenges provides me with encouragement to do more.

Tell us about your goals and accomplishments that you can attribute to running/working out.

  • I lost about 60 pounds. When I initially started exercising again I was about 208 pounds. I wore size 18 sometimes 16. I now weigh about 148 pounds.
  • I gained a lot more energy, stamina and strength
  • My breathing has improved and I don’t have to use my rescue inhaler as much when exercising or running unless its cold.
  • My blood pressure has returned to normal and my resting heart rate decreased.
  • I am able to do things I never thought I could such as completing two half-marathon’s.
  • I feel better overall.

How has Running Wild helped you reach your goals?

I walked in Running Wild with new clue what to do or buy to start actively running. Then Cherie came over to talk to me. I explained my being new to running and didn’t know where to start. Well I left the store that day with everything from running shoes, clothing and a plan. All my silly questions were answered. The group runs including Phatz Girlz (when I can make them) help me meet new people and obtain advice. Running wild has provided me with running routes in the area and offer training programs like My first 5K. Unfortunately with my work schedule I don’t get out in time to make those otherwise I’d invest in it. I’m glad I picked up the courage to walk in that day.

What are your five favorite products from Running that have helped you achieve success?

1.Asics and Brooks running shoes…and my Nike Crossfit shoes.
2Moving Comfort bras. My favorite is the Fiona bra. I love them and they love my girls.
3.Phat Girlz singlet and Compression shorts. They keep me cool, dry and help me identify with the coolest group in town.
4.Injinji toe socks. No more blisters!
5.Trigger PointTherapy kit to keep me healthy and active.

List your next three athletic goals and your plan to reach them

1. To complete a full marathon without killing myself. I hope to try and complete this maybe sometime next year. My friend Stephanie who runs many marathons suggested the New Orleans Rock and Roll. She told me its a flatter course and would be a great course for a first marathon. How to train? I’ll keep on running and I will invest in the marathon training program that Running Wild offers.
2.Master’s division Olympic weight lifting/Crossfit competition. The Master’s division is for people over 40 like myself. I’m currently training for this with Coach Kevin who runs the Barbell Club at Mako. This probably won’t happen for about 2-3 years as I have a loooong way to go.
3.Sprint distance triathlon. I hate water and swimming so I try to reluctantly get in the pool to learn how to swim. The swimming will be my biggest hold up and I have a loooong way to go before I can get in open water, so this may not happen for 3 years.



Maureen is a tenacious girl filled with new ambitions and energy levels since making positive life changes. I have zero doubt that she will explode these goals and during the journey, continue to inspire others to do the same!