Running a marathon is the ultimate goal for just about every long distance runner, but there is a sub-culture within the marathon culture that one in each state….50 states!  And if that is not enough, there is an even more select culture within that strives to run one in each of the SEVEN CONTINENTS!

barbara white sons
Barbara with sons (L-R) James, Locke and Mark.

Meet our athlete of the month, who has recently completed marathon #5 of the seven continents in Korea on September 6th!  And while gaining personal satisfaction, she has done so with a selfless purpose.  Since running her first marathon in 2000, she has completed the 50 states and 5/7 while raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

How has Running Wild helped you to reach your goals, Barbara?

“I am fairly new to the Pensacola area, and just started running with the Running Wild 6@6 group this summer.  This group has helped me meet some new running friends in Pensacola and is helping me to get some speed back.  Running with the group helped me get ready for the DMZ International Peace Marathon that I just ran in Korea.  Running Wild also helped me get fitted in my first pair of Altra running shoes over a year ago when I was transitioning to Pensacola, which have worked well for me ever since.  I have registered for the Pensacola Marathon this year, and I have done some long runs with Running Wild training group and will continue to do so up until marathon time.”

barbara white korea
Crossing the DMZ Marathon finish line!

What are the 5 most important products from Running Wild that have helped you reach your goals?

“The best purchase I made from Running Wild were the first pair of Altra s I ran in.  In addition, I have really utilized the hand-held water bottle that I purchased to use during our hot, steamy summer runs.  Bringing my son to Running Wild to get fitted for running shoes a year ago, and then again recently as he resumed his running have been great purchases for me, as now I get to enjoy running some with him and see him in races.  Running Wild also has a great selection of socks and running clothes.  As I have moved here, I have discovered what a great running store it is and how it is involved in the running community.  I really appreciate the way it sponsors the weekly runs.”

barbara white DMZ mary
Hanging out with Korean military post race.

What next? What are your future athletic goals that you wish to achieve?

“While I continue to run at least 4 marathons each year, I plan to work on completing the goal of running a marathon on all the 7 continents.  My plan is to try to run South America in 2016 and hopefully Africa in 2017.  I have thought about trying triathlons sometime in the future, along with possibly doing another Adventure race like I did several years ago in the Coosa Challenge in Albama.  Eventually, it would be nice to be able to say I had run 100 marathons, so with 67 down that would leave me 33 left to get that limit.”

Barbara White Antarctica
After completing her Antarctica Marathon

All of this while being an Accounting Professor at UWF, completing her PhD in 2012, and raising 3 sons.  Her boys have been involved in sports at different times.  One of her sons was part of the Auburn Football team that were the 2013 SEC Champions and competed for the National Championship!!

Barbara White is an individual that I would love to run with or have a cup of coffee with in the hopes that by rubbing shoulders with her that I could have some of her awesomeness transfer to me via osmosis!!