Daisy athlete

“How ’bout that Daisy girl?” has been the topic of discussion at Running Wild the past several weeks.  We first saw her on the scene of our store runs (six at six, Phat Girlz, and the Saturday long run) less than two years ago, but her transformation from then to now is nothing short of life changing.  She has lost more than an average sized person to her frame and uncovered a beautiful and strong woman.  Daisy is passionate about helping others make the same lifestyle choices that she has.  She is an ambassador  in  both the Running Wild Women’s  Tri team  and  Phat Girlz team.  She has recently completed a 70.3 triathlon,  two back to back marathons in two days, and a 50k trail run.

1. Why did you start running?

I had problems getting pregnant because I was obese.  Both my parents and both sets of grandparents were obese and I WANTED TO STOP THE TREND OF OBESITY IN MY FAMILY.  I WANTED TO SET A BETTER EXAMPLE FOR MY SON.   daisy pre phat

2.  How has Running Wild helped you reach your goals?

Running Wild has done so much for me!!!  They properly fit me for a running bra and shoes which is a free service that they have.  I participated in their excellent marathon training program that starts every July.  I attend their  free trigger point classes to treat and prevent running related injuries.  I regularly participate in an extremely supportive women’s running and fitness group (PHAT GIRLZ) that encourages and motivates me.  But don’t stop there!  There are also amazing   free group runs from the store where I have met other runners in the community.  The expertise from the owners and staff is invaluable.  I could go on and on about how much I love Running Wild!
Daisy and Husband finishing first 70.3

3. In order, what would be the  most important products that have helped you achieve success from Running Wild?

  • Brooks Ghost running shoes.  I used to have some cute and “cool” shoes beforehand from a department store that messed up my shins and feet.  Not any more!
  • Moving Comfort Juno  bra.  They are all awesome Moving Comfort sports bras, but the staff helped me pick the one that was just right for my “girls” and no more chaffing.  It was my first ever purchase from Running Wild and made me feel like an official runner.
  • Oiselle Long Roga run shorts.  Not too short and not too long.  Great pockets for long run nutrition and I love all the different colors.
  • Amphipod running water bottle with cell phone case.  A running water bottle in Florida is essential and with this one I can have my Nuun electrolyte drink and cell phone in my hand and it doesn’t even feel like it!
  • Isagenix IsaleanPro protein shake.  You can’t out exercise a bad diet.  These shakes help with faster recovery after runs and workouts, builds lean muscle, and an excellent source of organic protein.
  • Injinji toe socks.  These have stopped my feet from getting blisters, bruises, and losing toenails.  Ouch!

4.  What next?  What are your future athletic goals that you wish to achieve in the near future?

This year I am working toward Wisconsin Ironman with my husband who has been sharing the journey with me.  Hmmmm…then maybe a marathon in every state, qualify for Boston and make it to Ironman Kona some day.

Those of you who know Daisy, know that these goals are very attainable!