It’s December 31st.  Another year flown by, another new year starting fresh tomorrow.  We asked some of our staff what they were looking forward to this year.  We wanted to know what healthy changes and goals  were on their horizons.  Here’s what they said…

Paul, “Let’s see, I am bringing my lunch to work at least three days a week.”

Cherie, “Run with girlfriends more.  Very thankful for close friends to run with! I will also be incorporating more yoga into my life.”

Nicki, “One glass of water first thing every morning.  Even before coffee!”

Jared, “Planning to bike 10,000 miles and run 1,000.”  (Holy smokes! 10, 000 miles on a bike!?!! Awesome Jared!)

Katie, “Chicago is going to be my first marathon, and before I am 30. Also, run 1,000 miles.”

Seth, “Right now I’m committed to racing the Seaside Half Marathon in March.”

Eric, “Florida Ironman, I’m doing it!”

Kat, “I’m doing an Olympic Distance Triathlon.”

Keaton, “I’m going to the gym twice a week and do more strength training. I’m Channing Tatum on the inside.”

Shannon, “Doing 4 marathons in 2013, Oklahoma, Minneapolis, Iowa and Pennsylvania.”

Mike, “Doing Ironman this year.”

We can’t count all there is to be thankful for.  Being able to run or walk or ride a bike is truly a blessing.  Millions of people wish they could do so everyday.  We don’t take it for granted.  We are thankful for our staff and customers who truly inspire us and keep us going each day.  Here’s to a New Year!

What are you planning for in 2013?