Owner Paul Epstein sits down to chat with Christian Garmen about Marathon Running.  Paul recaps Boston 2014, how to train smart for a marathon and how the 2013 bombing impacted this year’s run.

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Interested in training with Paul for a marathon?

Join Paul on July 25th as he kicks off 16 weeks of marathon training.

Only $90 & Includes: 

  • Personalized weekly training schedule and coached guidance
  • Group workouts supported with hydration led by Coach and/or Pace Leaders
  • Monthly seminars on endurance training related topics (Training Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Speed and Recovery, Race Day Prep, etc)
  • Custom Running Wild jersey
  • Amphipod water bottle
  • Training Log

About the Program:

  • The 16 week program begins July 25, 2016 and culminates with the Pensacola Marathon November 13, 2016.
  • The group trains together on Saturdays (see location for specific times)
  • Long Runs are supported with hydration and include Pace Leaders for a sub 3 hour pace up to a 5+ hour pace
  • Weekly training includes 4-6 days of specific, purposeful workouts prescribed by the coach based on your individual ability and goals
  • Weekly Workouts will include: Tempo Runs, Marathon Pace Runs, Medium Long Runs, Long Runs and more

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