Do you identify yourself as a runner? a jogger?  a walker?  Or A HUMAN that wants to move?  How we see ourselves is as relative as the person who sees you.

If you consider yourself one of the above, here is a fun quiz to identify with others.  or not:

  1. zero drop OR traditional
  2. cushion OR structure
  3. a.m. OR p.m.

4. coffee OR beer

5.  gps watch OR naked

6. heart rate OR feel

7. time OR distance

8. treadmill OR frostbite

9.  pace OR race

10. athleisure OR “whatever man is at top of the drawer”


Mesh singlet by Rabbit
Capris by Anita
cool shades by GoodR because research shows that when you look good you will run better!

11.  group OR solo

12. training plan OR free spirit

13.  Cross Train OR purist

14. Instagram OR strava

15. headphones OR in your head

16. Road OR off road

     Take this quiz now and then later…like in 5 years.  Your answers may change but if you can still identify with what is being asked, then you are most likely…a runner.


or a jogger.  or a walker.  But whichever it is…keep moving!