A few months ago we had a rep from Dona Jo send a pair of sample tights to our store to entice us.  Honestly, when I first saw them I thought NO WAY!  This crazy bright pattern was what I wore in high school and college in the ‘80s and ‘90s and I have always believed that you should only participate in a fashion trend once in your life.  But I am a changed woman now.

Our community ROCKS.
Dona Jo Skull Tights


The first thing that enticed me was as a buyer.  The sizing made my life simple.  A size 1 fits sizes 0-8.  A size 2 fits sizes 10-16.  And now we carry a size 3 which fits sizes 17-20.   As a consumer this makes life simple for you.  Sometimes a husband or boyfriend is not quite sure what size to get their sweetheart.  This is scary grounds for them.  If they chose too small, she is inconvenienced by having to exchange for a specific size that fits.  If he chooses too big…….oh my gosh….that is VERY dangerous grounds!!!  So Dona Jo leggings, shorts and skirts eliminate that.

Announcements at our Phat Girlz season kick-off!

cherie skirt

Crazy pattern.  I know I said that I would not repeat a trend.  But I am changed.  They are so fun.  And when you pair with a subtle shirt you can get away with it at any age and body type.  Black is no longer the hiding color.  I mean you have to have ONE pair of classic black leggings and shorts, but don’t be afraid to explore fun patterns anymore.  They are actually VERY slimming and sexy on all body types.  Don’t limit yourself to wearing these to only workouts…the leggings and skirts are adorable with a cute pair of sandals.

Lovely Lauren in her natural, yogi state

Dona Jo Lauren Yoga

And finally the fabric…very stretchy….obviously.  So it moves with an active body.   The fabric is so light that it is not what I would suggest to run outdoors up North in the winter months.  Light fabric so fantastic for hot yoga and gym activities but still hides any imperfections that sometimes prevent women from feeling like their best.  And why shouldn’t we feel our best every time we walk out the door.

Running around Lake Michigan in Chicago during the Women’s Run and Fitness Event. SO.fun.
Dona Jo Cherie lizzie Chicago


Don’t be afraid of change.  Be yourself.  And live happier.