Last week’s challenge to get outside, out of your comfort zone and explore was AHHHHMAZING.

As “Fast Feather” said in the blog, “As runners, we are creatures of habit. If we’re not careful we might find ourselves eating the same things and running the same routes, day in and day out.“. This is sadly true. Although running the same routes day-in and day-out can be effective for consistency and convenience, it can also be B-O-R-I-N-G.

So, Week #4’s challenge was music to our ears!



The plan was made and OH the joy that was had. Blissful does not do the run justice. Yes, it took a little more planning and traveling time but SO worth it.
The next trail run is already being planned!
IMG_6912 IMG_6792IMG_6906



This week’s challenge also inspired a change in the workout for Phat Girlz (our ladies’ only walk/run on Wednesdays)!

IMG_6506 IMG_6550


In place of our usual “Speed Play”, we took it off-road and ran some hill repeats! They were tougher than they look…
The ladies loved them, the change-up made the day super fun!


As Cherie and I were running trails I realized that even once this challenge is over I want to keep an accountability partner. I NEED an accountability partner. Not just for training, but for personal goals like; journaling once a day, reading a chapter a night of my book, doing one random act of kindness, etc. The past four weeks have required me to proclaim my goals which has motivated me to do everything I can to reach them. I’ve come up short more than a few times BUT I guarantee I’m much farther ahead than I would have been without this challenge!


IMG_7107 IMG_7109 IMG_7108



We challenge you to do something TODAY that is not within your “schedule”.

Do a 1-minute plank, go for a walk around the neighborhood, buy a stranger’s drink at Starbucks….

Go crazy with #RunLove!

<3 <3 <3