We’re half-way through our challenge and it feels like we started yesterday. TIME FLIES!

This is the perfect example of how I can easily be deterred from a goal. Without making the conscious effort of planning and choosing, I get way off track. This challenge has been just that, a challenge, but SO rewarding. I have been accomplishing (most of) the goals I have set in place for myself.

Having a Run Love partner has truly made me rethink any excuses I could have come up with to skip a workout, extra glass of water or journal entry! Here’s a look into some of what has helped keep me on track….
IMG_6410 IMG_6413

IMG_6411 IMG_6412

Having said all of that, last week’s challenge from Oiselle.com was a Speed Date. Cherie and I did not do this together. I had a Run Love partner affair for a speed date because Cherie has to be careful due to a recurring injury she has if too much speed is in the mix. She is SO strong to choose to sit out of these workouts because in the long run (no pun intended) that decision will benefit rather than hinder her. It’s really easy to ignore what your body is screaming at you when you REALLY want to join in on what everyone else is doing, BUT this is never a good idea. Cherie is the master at LISTENING TO YOUR BODY!!!!!

Cherie and I are a part of a love triangle with a fast little thing named, Virna. She is incredibly talented but even more impressive than her athleticism is her humbleness.Anywho, Virna, local elite runner Jennifer McGranahan and I did a speed workout together. OH.MY.GOODNESS. It was one of the most physically and mentally challenging workouts I’ve ever experienced but we did it together because of each other. The following morning Cherie, Virna and I ran together and it was equally satisfying because we SHARED raw time together. We huffed and puffed, vented and laughed. #ThatsRealLove


Cherie, Alex, Virna

Cherie and I did a strength workout that was instructed by Regina, one of our coaches here at Running Wild. Can you say, “Ouch?!”. We were for the days following…







Not only do we have a fantastic TEAM here at Running Wild, Running Wild is a part of an amazing COMMUNITY.

One of the AMAZING attributes of our community in Pensacola is the widespread passion for running and fitness. These active hobbies are shared by people in all walks of life, professions and physical abilities as well as is heavily supported by everyone involved. If I have a really tough workout to do, I have a handful of people that I can reach out to that would jump right in and join me. Encouragement, motivation, and inspiration is ever present. THIS is the key to success; who you surround yourself with will shape much of your life. Choose wisely. #LoveTheRun

Cherie took on the stroller for a Phellow Phattie!

Cherie took on the stroller for a Phellow Phattie!

Getting ready to run with the ladiez!

Getting ready to run with the ladiez!