Is is the Brooks Ravenna? The Newton Motion? Or maybe the raved Hoka Clifton?
What is the BEST shoe on the market right now????

There is no such unicorn-esque shoe.
unicorn shoe

At least not the kind you run in….

The great news is there is the “best running shoe FOR YOU”, which is even better!
So, which shoe is that? The one with a lot of cushion? The one that fits a high-arch? The one with a roomy toe box? Who knows?!

Oh wait… we do!

We specialize in FREELY analyzing your gait and measuring your feet every time you visit one of our two locations. This is an incredibly simple and effective process to find YOUR perfect shoe.


What’s the gait analysis/fitting process like?

Our trained staff will study your natural biomechanics and the size and shape of your feet. Next, we would like to learn what you are aiming to do in your shoes to best filter through the masses (and sometime overwhelming, yes?) of options available. Then three different options (structurally streamlined yet different in style) are presented that will all serve perfectly. Lastly, choose which you feel the best in and top it off with a fresh pair of socks. #HappyFeetHappyLife

Easy steps that will equip you for powerful, healthy and comfortable activities.


Stop in to one of our two locations today to get YOUR best running/walking/cross training shoe!