Last weekend I was trying to gather my thoughts to write a Running Wild blog for the Boston Marathon.  I saw another retailer at a race and asked if they had any runners from their store that would be participating in this super bowl of events for all runners.   The owner looked at me and then looked at the half dozen team Running Wild Cheetahs that were up on the podium collecting awards and said that they don’t have goal oriented runners in their market like we do.  Their runners just like to have fun and run for social reasons.  They like to drink beer after the run and celebrate.

Now wait a second!  Is there a runner that does not have some sort of goal?  I did not know they exist.  Maybe it is to meet new friends and drink beer at 9 a.m. together….but after awhile…I think all runners look up and say…What if?  That could be me?  I want to be the best me that I can be!!!  I could be on the podium and I can set personal records!

Eventually, most runners that I know, want something more. It may start out as wanting to develop a healthy life style…lose some extra pounds…develop some cool lean muscles….and soon that 9 a.m. post run beer is being replaced with Nuun or Replenish or water. And then  many runners start the climb from 5K to marathon and beyond.

But what is the pinnacle goal? For many, it is that chance to run at the Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest annually contested marathon.  This is not a race that one can wake up one day and say…tomorrow I would like to run the Boston Marathon.  This is a race that you must qualify in a previous marathon by a set standard time depending on age and gender.  The training requires personal sacrifice with your family and friends  and a certain amount of discipline. No, it is not a goal for EVERY runner…which is why the few that achieve this goal need to be celebrated.

Running Wild wants to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of the following runners along the Gulf Coast that have met this goal and we want to follow you on race day:

Justin Gates

Ryan Baptiste

Troy Godbee

Gabriela Gasque

Lesley Sommerville

Larry Wayne

Rebecca Bell

Tiffany Sullivan

Randy Riche

James Dillard

We may have missed a few so if you read this and know of others in our neighborhood, please let us know!  And we want to know about your celebratory run!

Running Wild will be showing The Boston Marathon Live on Monday morning.  Not only do we like group runs…but we like to hang out and watch marathons as a group as well.