I just got back from Market in Chicago.  The Women’s Run and Fitness Event.  We discussed the upcoming trend in athletic leisure wear.  Our female market is on the go.  She has a career.  She is a mom.  The breadwinner.  Holding down multiple jobs.  Going to school.  She wears many hats in the day.   Rarely does she have the opportunity to work out AND  go home for a spa day of an actual shower, shave, style hair with products and heat stuff and then apply make up and THEN wear high fashion clothes.   So up in Chicago they emphasized the importance of clothes that you work and live in.

That may work up there.  It is FREEZING there right now.  Like 70 degrees and windy.  But we live in the South and summer is hot and sweaty and wearing our running clothes after a run all day long is an option…but not a pleasant one.   But there is a solution:

rinse kit

Ooooemmgee!  I am so excited to discuss the Rinse Kit!!!!

Most of us that run in the summer must run as early as possible….not only to beat the heat of the day….but to do our other jobs for the rest of the day.   Back to athletic leisure wear….the idea is that these are apparel items that you can wear all day after your run so that you can go grocery shopping, do mom activities, go to jobs that don’t have strict dress codes.  Oh yeah, they look and feel FABULOUS but for the runner in the South during the 6 months of summer, this is a horrible plan.

its hot

Healthy glow? Or really wet, stinky sweat. Can’t have one without the other but you do not have to carry it all day now!

This is what it looks like after an early morning run:We do NOT want to go to the grocery store, teacher conference or an air conditioned coffee shop right now.  And it never gets better.  The only thing that likes it is your dog.  Yummy, stinky sweat for your dog to lick off.  Dripping wet salty sweat in 10 minutes.   Yes, I know so many people that choose the run over the shower.  The run is SO important that it is worth hanging out in sweaty, stinky clothes for the rest of the day so you can have that social or solo run.   But not necessary any more!!!


The water is cool and refreshing…good bye extra thick coat of salt!!!

shower legs


mom duty

kids are happy that they get to hang out with a mom that doesn’t smell like body odor.

I simply fill my Rinse Kit up from a hose for 20 seconds and it gives me a portable shower for 4 minutes.  Enough to rinse off after a race or your early morning run from Running Wild, change into dry clothes and carry on with work or to carry on with parental duties:

This is simply a must item to have in the back of your car when you have a huge list of things to do…but you got to get that social or solo run in before the day starts.  This is also useful for the guy runner.  Or for those of us who paddle board and kayak (it was actually the brain child of a man searching to rinse of his kayak!).