Barbara beginning her Frozen Feet Challenge

Barbara today after a consistent lifestyle change of daily walking. She has lost 20 pounds in 100 days!

We are so excited and inspired to introduce Barbara MacNeil. Running Wild presented the Frozen Feet challenge back in January to get the general public moving on a daily basis. This was a free challenge put on by at least a dozen running specialty stores across the country to have participants get outside to run, skip, walk….or crawl at least one mile every day for 6 weeks. As with most BIG New Year challenges, more than half of the participants nationwide dropped out before that time. But not only did Barbara complete her challenge, she also has made it her lifestyle and well over 100 days is still continuing to log her miles.

What is her secret? She has turned the challenge into her own personal game by posting her walk on Strava every day. Strava is a social media app without any added drama. It connects athletes from all over the world so they can share their workout and draw inspiration from each other.  Sometimes Barbara would do a walk of over a mile without recording it on her GPS watch, and then come home and do it again with her device so she could record it to Strava.  Because if you are a fan of Strava, you know that it didn’t happen unless you can validate it on your app.

As extreme as that may sound, the results speak for themselves. She set a goal to complete the Fiesta 5K in under 45 minutes and on a very warm day walked it in 44 minutes and 4 seconds!!!! And more importantly, she lost 20 pounds through exercise and clean nutrition. She feels so much better now that she is “not carrying a toddler attached to her body anymore!”

Her advice for others who embark on a similar journey: Find your mantra!!! That is the phrase that you can repeat to yourself enough times to change your mindset.

“I can do anything for ___________ minutes” or “not about the distance, do the time!”

What are some mantras that have worked for YOU that you can share with us?


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