Valentine’s may seem nothing more than a made up holiday by Hallmark to sell candy and cards, but to many others it is an opportunity to express appreciation and gratitude for the ones we love. At Running Wild, that love is specifically….#runLove.

For many in our community Run Love is the love of running shared between two or more that produces miles of smiles. What better way to show our “solemate” how we feel about them than a small gift. A piece of Momentum Jewelry or Foot Notes is a perfect example. Or other simple gift ideas may be GoodR or SWANK sunglasses, or a pair of Balega, Feetures, or Injinji socks.

If you are a guy wanting to show #runlove for that special someone…might I suggest anything from our Vuori apparel. The fabric is so soft and yummy that we call most of the Vuori products “the untakeoffables”. I would not recommend buying their shoes or a bra for anyone as they should be part of the fit process, but a gift card can help any loved one in making that step.

If they do not run but are interested in making a healthy lifestyle change, we have another My First 5K class & My First 10K class starting at the beginning of February. This 5K class will take someone who has never ever run…or maybe not for 20 years…and safely get them to the finish line RUNNING in 12 weeks. The 10K class is for those who are ready to take on the next challenge after completing a 5K. These classes are so popular and effective that guests will come back to the class over and over and venture off to races on their own because of the #runlove that they have found.

As I sit here typing this, there is one gift that I am hoping my solemate and partner for life can get each other this year to celebrate our runlove. It is that NEW Hyperice- Hypervolt cordless massager. Talk about a treat!

I hope that everyone is able to spread #runlove this season. Remember though, you don’t have to buy your solemate presents/gifts. The best present sometimes is just being present 🙂