What was Frozen Feet you may ask?

It was 6-week challenge that was open to the public to take on. The challenge required participants to run, jog, walk, or crawl outside for at least one mile every day for the duration of the Challenge. We emphasized that the activity must take place outside so that we could stay true to the name of the challenge.  We can’t deny that it’s easier to jump on a treadmill inside your house or local gym while its 30 degrees and windy but we wanted those feet outside. The kick off was mid-January, which is when many folks are getting kick started on their healthy New Year resolutions. It was the perfect opportunity for the community to join in and start the New Year on the right (frozen) foot.

We had 350 participants join the Frozen Feet Challenge. Every Sunday, participants received a tracking form where they tracked their mileage from the week. Some would get in 7 miles and some would get in 42 miles. It wasn’t about getting the most miles in though, it was about keeping the streak alive. Getting outside every day for six- weeks straight can be difficult. Keeping ones’ spirits up and motivation strong is definitely easier said than done. Week by week there was less and less frozen feet participants. We expected this and the fact that there was 50 participants going into the last week of the challenge was great to hear.

Our crew here at Running Wild is very impressed by all the members that reached the Frozen Feet finish line. We applaud the finishers for their dedication and hard work! You did it, CONGRATULATIONS!

Q&A with Featured Participants & Finishers:

RW: Do you plan on continuing to stick to the physical activity routine you have developed? 

yes I plan to stick to it. Getting the run in was a great way to stay active even if it was just a mile or two mixed in with my training program.– Billy F.

“Yes, this encouraged me to move EVERY day….even if it was just a mile! It may have been just a walk around my neighborhood which is exactly ONE MILE but I moved. And, yes, I can walk SLOW (hehe!) if I have to do so” – Anna P.

RW: Do you think of this challenge as a springboard to future workout goals?

“absolutely! I think these challenges are great for inspiration and accountability. For those that didn’t complete all the runs “ there’s always the next challenge. The road never ends.” For me, I’ll use this model to create my own personal challenges throughout the year.” -Billy Fairchild

“Not really a springboard because I have been walking for so many days, but it was nice to meet other people who have the same fun goals to try to keep fit and enjoy outside.” – John Rahn

RW: What was the hardest part of this challenge?

“personally there were days where I physically didn’t want to run. Mainly after a long run or speed session. I made the commitment so I always had that in the back of my mind as a motivator.” – Billy F.

“All of the above. I say that I need “therapy” and I believe that moving is great therapy for my mind, soul and body! Get outside and BREATHE and enjoy what the good Lord has blessed us with.” – Anna P.

“I always try to walk in the morning because I stand at work at least 8 hours a day. It is a great way for me to wake up, and get rollin in da mornings and get it over with…when I miss my morning walk, I am dragging butt at night! :)” – John Rahn

RW: What part of challenge did you enjoy most?

“I enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts about their runs. I love to see people succeeding, life’s a journey not a competition.” -Billy F

“To move every day! I sometimes walk two or three times a day and may skip a day. This encouraged me to get up and MOVE EVERY DAY!” – Anna P.

“I love being outside and tried to mix it up and walk different places on the weekends. Just me and my Spotify music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s…” – John Rahn

RW: How do you feel having come this far in the challenge? 

“I feel very good with the challenge and hope to keep it up many more days, months, and maybe years!” -John Rahn

“GREAT! I feel that if I move a little every day that I sleep better at night!” – Anna P