Thankfully, there are now so many tools available to help you run better, longer and more efficiently with less injury. Naturally we added Recovery and Injury Prevention Gear as part of our Top 10 Essentials List. Get faster with less effort. Stop fearing injury, overtraining or lack of motivation. Getting the right tools, and knowing how to use them helps you unlock your potential.

Running Wild has tons of options and can help you break down which combination of items will help you with your running and fitness journey. Every person can benefit from a combination of these tools no matter what your fitness level and/or goals. Let’s dive right into some of the cool stuff that will help you big time…

Compression Gear. It comes in many shapes and sizes.

Have you seen people running and walking around with these knee high socks on and wondered what the deal is?



In short these compression sleeves and socks increase blood flow, reduce fatigue, protect legs from shin and calf pain and help you run faster.

zensah calf

Choose between a sock or a sleeve. Either way, fit is key so be sure to have a RW staff member measure your calf for you and recommend the correct fit and style. Running Wild has a variety of options and brands to choose from including Zensah, CEP and 110%.

Some of the products include secret compartments for ice packs that can be inserted after your workout. The ice packs come with the sleeves and can be reused.


The sleeves and socks can be worn before, during and after exercise.  All of the compression socks and sleeves are made of thermo regulating fabrics which is a fancy way of saying they will keep you warm or cool depending on the weather.

Compression Gear also comes in tights, shorts, capris and tops.  Just like the compression sleeves, some of the items have secret compartments for ice.


It’s like a mobile ice bath. Ice bathing is an entirely different topic which we covered here, in case you missed it. The compression gear that holds ice for after training is amazing and so convenient. You can bring the packs with you wherever you go to train, just stick them in a cooler and then pop them in. Run your errands and ice at the same time. Perfect for on the go moms or weekend warriors getting in a long run then headed out for the rest of the weekend.

Next on the list, Trigger Point is an essential recovery and injury prevention tool.



Running Wild offers a free 45 minute class every Thursday to help you understand how to best use the rollers and tools. You can read more about the class here.


Once you start using Trigger Point you begin to understand the discomfort you’ve been tolerating because you will feel dramatically different. You will see the limitations you have been accepting and learn the POTENTIAL you have. Trigger Points are tiny knots that develop in a muscle when it is injured or overworked.

QuadBaller_VMO2 (2)

Commonly a cause of most joint pain, they are known to cause headaches, neck and jaw pain, low back pain, plantar facisitis and many other chronic pain and injuries. Trigger Point Therapy can relieve muscular aches and pains in association with these areas. It can also assist with the redevelopment of muscles and/or restore motion to joints.

There are many other items that can be added to the Recovery & Injury Prevention Gear list including: The Stick, Aqua Joggers, a number of insoles and more. Stop by Running Wild and start feeling better today. No really feel better, right now.

Integrate some of these products into your daily training. Make your workouts more effective, get stronger and stop the injury cycle. From the weekend warriors to elite athletes, help your body deal with the demands you are placing on it.

Stay tuned next week as we continue counting down Top 10 Summer Running Essentials.

Thanks for keeping it local. We appreciate your business and we love to serve you and the running community.