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The Wild Cheetahs is a community for anyone who wants to enhance fitness by running wild and having fun. Check out the perks below, available only to Wild Cheetahs. Join now, pay $25, and run wild with us for life!



Your Welcome Package

Just like the one you get from friendly neighbors welcoming you to your new home. Full of goodies that show our excitement to have you in the Wild Cheetah family.

Cheetahs Club Shirt

The best shirt in town! Included in your membership.

Social Networking

Receive monthly emails with workouts, training tips, features on fellow Wild Cheetahs, and more. Connect with Wild Cheetahs through our private Facebook Group.

Exclusive Content

Unlock the secrets to success. We have a library of content to help you stay strong, healthy, and injury-free. Examples include videos with core strength sessions, pre-workout warmup drills and dynamic stretches, injury prevention regimens, yoga and fitness sessions, and more.

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Exclusive Events and Limited Supply Products

Gain access to private shopping events, Wild Cheetah parties, volunteer opportunities, and other events. Get first dibs on limited-run products. Available only to Wild Cheetahs.

Special Perks on Training Programs

Examples include free functional movement assessment with our in-house physical therapist and complementary products. Available only to Wild Cheetahs.